Are ear pick safe?  

Visual ear pick is a new type of ear pick technology.  It's intuitive, curious, safe, trustworthy, comfortable, and tickling.  The earl tool only served one purpose.  The visual ear is called the ear endoscope.  

The visual ear scanner can visually see the inner situation of one's own ear in real time, presenting the picture in the ear in real time in front of people's eyes, which is safer than the traditional ear scanner.  It can be said that the visual ear is very safe, will not easily hurt the ear.  

Reminding: Relax the face and ear on one side of the ear before performing the visual ear-lifting. This is where a peacock feather comes in, using feathers to relax the facial ear nerve.  The technical term is to touch the trigeminal nerve a little bit to relax the face and ears.  It'll make it easier for Samuel.