Pay attention to the time when wearing headphones, not too long

After listening to music with headphones for a long time, I always feel a faint pain in my ears. Because I am young and healthy, I don't feel much now, but it is certain that my ears will always have problems in the near future. 

Clean the ears of water in time when bathing and swimming

When bathing, washing your hair, or swimming, you should pay attention to the waterproof of your ears. If you accidentally cause water to enter your ears, especially when the water is not clean, you must clean it up in time, otherwise it will be easy to get irritated. If water gets in the shampoo and bath, just come out and clean it with a cotton swab

Avoid noise

The explosion of firecrackers can cause hearing loss, so when we find someone setting off firecrackers, we should stand farther or cover our ears with our hands; usually a slap in the face can also cause deafness, because a slap in the face produces high The pressure is enough to break the tympanic membrane and damage our hearing for life.

Choose a professional ear picker

In addition, the choice of ear picker is also very important, we must choose a safe and reliable ear picker for ear picking