It is a dangerous behavior to dig your ears with your fingers, sticks, or ear picks, or to ask a groomer to pick your ears and remove earwax after a while.

The external auditory meatus with a length of about 4 cm is crooked, and the epidermal cells are thin and fragile. Frequent scratching and digging can easily cause external otitis, making the ears itchy, numb, pus, and painful. Even accidentally piercing the eardrum, causing hearing impairment.

"The best way to care for dry ears is to not touch them," said Dr. Su Renhe.

What's more terrifying is that the unclean utensils cause ear mold infections. The ear canal is like a long-lasting rice cake, covered with mold, which makes the ears itchy uncomfortably. The mold covers the eardrum and affects hearing, and requires medication.#earpick