Worms crawling into the ears make people itchy and painful, as well as tinnitus. Many people’s direct reaction is to dig out with cotton swabs or fingers. Dr. Wang Baqun pointed out that this is dangerous because the external auditory canal is curved and the worms go to the ear canal. Flee deeper.

He once touched a patient struggling to scratch, digging, scratching, ants burrowing deeper, chewing and breaking the eardrum, causing severe pain; while the cockroach's feet have barbs, which can tear the skin of the ear canal, and make the patient painful. Call, you have to go to the emergency room for help.

When a bug enters your ear, you can use a flashlight to illuminate the ear canal. The bug will crawl out of the ear through the light, but it will take some time. Or put the ears with bugs up, fill them with baby oil or vegetable salad oil, olive oil, etc., wait a few minutes to submerge the bugs and suffocate, then turn the ears down to let the oil and bugs flow out, or Go to the otolaryngology department and ask the doctor to pick out the bugs.#earpick