1. Ming Tian Drum

The two palms are close to the ears, the palms of the ears are tightly covered, and the thumb and little finger are used to fix them. The other three fingers together or alternately slap the occiput behind the head, namely the Naohu, Fengfu, and Yamen points, in the ear. "Boom boom" sounded like a drum. The method has the effects of refreshing, refreshing, dazzling and hearing ears, not only health preservation, but also good curative effect on tinnitus, dizziness, insomnia, headache, neurasthenia and other diseases.

2. Carry the tragus

Put your fingers together on the inside of the tragus, and use your index finger and thumb to lift the tragus from the inside to the outside. The technique ranges from light to heavy, and the pulling force is limited to no pain. 3~5 minutes each time. This health-preserving method of ear massage can effectively treat headaches, dizziness, neurasthenia, tinnitus and other diseases.

3. Sweep the outer ear

Sweep your ears from back to front with both hands, and you will hear a "wiping" sound. 20 times each time, several times a day. As long as you persist for a long time, you will be able to strengthen your kidneys.

4. Pull the earlobe

Use the thumb and index finger of the left and right hands to massage the earlobe at the same time. The acupuncture points at the earlobe include head, forehead, eyes, tongue, teeth, and cheeks.

5. Pull both ears

Straighten the two index fingers, extend them into the two ear holes, rotate 180 degrees, and pull them out immediately after 3 times. The ears will beep, usually 3 to 6 times. This health-preserving method of ear massage can make the sense of hearing sensitive, and has the function of invigorating the brain, and has a certain effect on diseases such as neurasthenia and forgetfulness.

6. Raise whole ears

After rubbing the palms of your hands to heat up, massage the front of your ears backwards, then fold forwards to massage the backs, and massage them 5-6 times. This method can dredge the meridians and has a health care effect on the kidneys and organs of the whole body.

7. Lift the tip of the ear

Use your left hand to go around the top of the head, pinch the upper part of the ear with your thumb and index finger, and knead here first. Then lift it up until the area is congested and hot, 15-20 times each time; also use the right hand to go around the top of the head, pinch the upper part of the ear with the thumb and index finger, and knead here first. Then lift it up again until the area is hyperemic and feverish, 15-20 times each time. The acupoints here include Shenmen, pelvis, internal and external genitalia, feet, ankles, knees, hip joints, and Ganyang and Fengxi points.

8. After pushing the ear

Place the finger surfaces of the two middle fingers behind the ears, and rub them 20 to 30 times along the yifeng, gall meridian, back of the ear shell, and cranial breath for 20 to 30 times, until the local skin becomes hot. This method has the effect of nourishing the kidneys and liver, and lowering blood pressure.

9. Mole wheel

Use your index finger to stick to the inner layer of the auricle and your thumb to stick to the outer layer of the auricle. If you find pain points or uncomfortable knots, it means that the corresponding organs or limbs may have disease. Appropriate kneading can cure the disease. Over time, the disappearance of the pain points indicates that the local lesions have improved. This method does not limit the number of times, do it for 2 to 5 minutes, until the ears feel warm. This method has the power of strengthening the brain, strengthening the kidneys, ears, and eyesight. It can prevent and treat impotence, frequent urination, constipation, low back pain, cervical spondylosis, palpitation, chest tightness, headache, dizziness and other diseases.