Function of the ear pick

Because the ear skin will cover the skin pores, nerve damage, after the ventilation step, the inhalation metabolism of the skin pores is fast, everything is normal, after the thick layer of the ear skin is collected, the ear hole hearing is the best, the actual effect is particularly good after the harvest, the lump of the ear skin pressure in the ear wall, after the harvest inside the ear is very empty, comfortable.  

often adopt the ear to prevent infectious diseases, otitis media, such as a variety of ear canal disease, because of the ear canal inside have no blocked, ear canal ventilation, now why is always a lot of problems in the ear canal, mainly mobile phones, phone application on long-term, caused by too much echo the ear canal calorific value and long ErPi, too much in the long term, the hearing is not very good, cause inflammation of the ear canal, etc.,  The actual effect is stronger after cleaning the ear hole, which can maintain the inside of the ear clean and fresh, and also help with hearing.