Ear picking is a common behavior in life. If you feel itchy ears, you will involuntarily pick it out. Some people use special ear picks, and some people use cotton swabs. How should they pick their ears correctly?

  1. First of all, the adult's external auditory canal is about three centimeters long, so when we dig out the ears, the depth of the tool should not exceed three centimeters.
  2. When digging out the ears of infants and young children, the depth should be more shallow
  3. When digging out your ears, you should go from shallow to deep, and rotate along the contour of the ear.
  4. There are also special ear pickers. If you have no experience, you can ask an experienced person to help pick your ears. When picking your ears, look for a quiet place and don't walk around to avoid accidents.
  5. When we feel itchy ears, it is not necessary to dig out the ears. As long as the outer contour of the ear is pulled up and down, and then the head is turned sideways, the inner earwax will naturally fall off. This method is safer.
  6. When you feel pain in your ears or when you take out your ears, and there is a small amount of bleeding on the cotton swab, you can't take it out. If the condition is serious, you should seek medical treatment in time.

Small summary

  1. The depth of the ears should not exceed three centimeters.
  2. Cut out ears for infants and young children, with a shallower depth
  3. When digging out your ears, start from shallow to deep, with gentle techniques.
  4. It is suitable for ears to be in a quiet place, to avoid people around laughing and playing.
  5. When the ear is inflamed and bleeding, the ear cannot be picked, and seek medical attention in time.