1. Use headphones reasonably

Some people wear headphones when listening to music, taking online classes, watching TV, playing games, etc. Wearing headphones for a long time can damage their hearing and may experience symptoms such as tinnitus, ear fullness, and earache.

It is recommended that the time for wearing headphones be controlled within 30-40 minutes each time. Adults wear headphones for no more than 3 hours a day, and minors are recommended for no more than 2 hours. Pay attention to ear rest.

2. Keep ears away from noise

People who are exposed to various noises such as the roar of machines, the noise of vehicles, and the noise of people for a long time will make the initially declining hearing sense more prone to fatigue, rapid hearing loss, and even noise-induced deafness. Therefore, avoiding or reducing noise interference as much as possible is the first priority for the elderly to protect their hearing.

3. Minimize ear picking

Usually with the help of chewing, mouth opening and other exercises, the cerumen can be discharged by themselves, and there is no need to frequently pick ears. Especially avoid the use of unclean equipment or violent ear picking.

4. Control your emotions

Excessive emotions, irritability, and anger are also important factors that induce sudden deafness, because when people's mood fluctuates sharply, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves in the body will lose their normal functions or become dysfunctional, which will lead to ischemia and hypoxia of the inner ear auditory nerve and cause deafness. .

Ears are very important to everyone. We need to care for them and protect them in our daily lives. It is very important to have an earpick that suits you.