Introduction of intelligent high-definition visual ear pick

1:The device is made of silica gel button, press the button to start up, the operation is more convenient, can be pressed thousands of times, more durable without damage to the machine.  

2:An important accessory: endoscope. A 5-megapixel lens is used on the top of the endoscope, plus 6 ultra-sensitive LED lights, so as to truly restore the status of the ear canal. COMS sensor, built-in chip intelligent algorithm, stable imaging, more real and exquisite picture.  

3:The 6-axis directional gyroscope adopts intelligent AI algorithm, accurate focus, 360 degrees without dead Angle and accurate zerzer, which makes it more assured.  

4:Otoscope insensitive 22 degrees Celsius, body palm temperature 25 degrees Celsius,  

5:Built-in 350mAh large capacity lithium battery, 1.5 hours of fast charge without damage to the machine, full charge, the endurance of up to a year.  

For different groups of people:  

Accessories mainly include: adult ear scoop, children's ear scoop, ring ear scoop, alcohol swabs, adult ear muffs, children's ear muffs.