1. Although ear plucking has many benefits to the human body, there are also some points that need to be paid attention to during operation, especially the guests who are ear plucked can not move, to prevent ear plucking tools from damaging the ear canal. In addition, in the process of ear plucking, if the person being picked sneezes or coughs, the ear plucking must be stopped.

2. In the process of ear picking, when dragging the earwax outwards, move quickly, react quickly, and loosen the tweezers in time. After the ear picking is over, you should not stay up late to drink alcohol, let alone do strenuous exercise. After a recovery period of 2 to 3 days, the ear canal can return to normal.

3. Pay more attention when picking ears for children. Their concentration is relatively poor. It is best to let their parents help to support their heads. In the process of picking ears, praise and praise the children more. Material rewards can be promised. Only in this way can they keep quiet and allow the ear picking to proceed smoothly.

4. In addition, the choice of ear picker is also very important, we must choose a safe and reliable ear picker for ear picking