The effect of the ear pick

We all have the habit of digging ears, because the ear wax is too much, affecting their own hearing.  And this kind of ear picking is also known as ear-picking.  The main purpose of the ear is to make the brain more active and emotional.  If you get water in your ears, you get a ringing in your ears, so it seems like the ear is the key.  To the ear hole inside and outside carry out excitant, make the person to the crisp itch and anxious after get enjoy and release pressure!  In addition to cleaning out ear holes, it can also relieve stress and enjoy the effect.  

The main effects of ear pick are as follows :

1. It can relieve nerves and make people relax.  Relieve tension of nerves, play a role in eliminating fatigue.         

2. It has the effect of cleaning earwax, cleaning pores, promoting the blood circulation of the ear, and waking up the brain and brightening the eyes.  

3. It helps to stimulate the nerve of the ear, achieve the role of health care, but also can prevent otitis media.  

The key to Zerr is skill, which is supposed to be light, steady and accurate.  

Adults with earwax and skin in their ears, after the earwax is collected, the ear hole will be clear and comfortable, thoughtful, happy and relaxed.