Caier, just as its name implies is the ear cleaning, originated in the folk, folk ear cleaning, tool more humble, are generally use local materials, a bamboo stick, a thin stick, is a simple tool of the amount of ears, no gimmick, which is a kind of enjoyment, a kind of harmony, who acts better, is more popular, be free and at leisure in the sun, a few people gathered, cleaning ear with each other, Chat, but also happy. The most warm is lying on her mother's leg, enjoy her mother's family happiness.
   Caier began with the invention of a professional tool and a professional way of doing it. In ancient times, It was popular in the upper class and only enjoyed by the powerful. With the continuous development of society, It has made substantial breakthroughs in both technical extension and emerging fields. Especially in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, it began to flow into the folk and integrated into the traditional barber industry. It was preserved and developed even in the war-torn years. For a time, it became a necessary item in the royal court, which was served by highly skilled ear cleaners all year round. So far, ear cleaners have become a great enjoyment of life