Shouldn't pick ears frequently

It is a very comfortable thing to remove all the dirt in the ears. Many people go to hospitals or professional institutions to pick their ears, but the frequency of ear picking should not be too high. In the same way, it is not a good habit to dig out your ears frequently. Frequent digging of your ears may cause damage to the skin of the ear canal, susceptible to bacterial infections, and may even cause embolism. At this time, it can be troublesome, it may cause dizziness, tinnitus or even hearing loss, and even need to go to the hospital for treatment.

Never use cotton swabs to pick your ears

The American Otolaryngology Society recently issued updated guidelines on ear care, reminding you not to over-clean your ears and not to put anything, including cotton swabs, into your ears. If you have any hearing problems, you should seek medical attention. The guidelines also point out that using a cotton swab to dig out your ears will increase the amount of wax in your ears. In medicine, this condition is called cerumen embolism. The ear has its own cleaning method, which will gradually drain the earwax out of the ear, but using a cotton swab to remove the ear will push the earwax back into the ear.

Don't use unsafe ear picking tools

Should buy regular, safe and reliable ear picking tools, the inside of the ear is very fragile, so the choice of ear picking tools is also very important