The cotton swabs commonly used by ordinary people may not only not clear the earwax, but will push the inside more and more and become difficult to remove. Expert Janardhana Hebbar, who specializes in natural therapies, recommends the following methods to gently remove earwax and avoid clogging.

  1. Warm water

Herba pointed out that the easiest way is to pour a little warm water into the ears. A simple action can soften the earwax. After a few seconds, let the ears flow out and wipe dry.

  1. Grease

Put a few drops of mild oils, such as olive oil, baby oil, and mineral oil, into the ears, and then plug the ears with cotton balls to prevent the oil from flowing out before the earwax is dissolved. Oil can soften earwax and make it easy to flow out.

  1. Saline water

Dissolve 1 teaspoon of salt in half a cup of warm water (about 125 g), then soak a cotton ball with salt water, squeeze a few drops into your ears, turn your head to the other side, and stay for a few seconds to allow the salt water to have time Dissolve the earwax, and then let the solution flow out.

  1. Hydrogen peroxide solution

Dilute the hydrogen peroxide with water. Hebbar recommends that the concentration of hydrogen peroxide should not exceed 3%, so as not to be too irritating. Put a few drops of hydrogen peroxide solution into the ear and let the solution flow out. However, Liu Boren, an otolaryngologist at the Hong Kong Branch of Clarification Hospital, reminded in an article discussing earwax that the hydrogen peroxide solution should only stay in the ear for a few seconds, and it should not stay in the ear for too long, otherwise it will cause infection.#earpick