After teasing with water or washing your hair, your ears will inevitably pour some water into your ears. Some people tilt their heads to one side and sway, and the water in their ears flows out. Sometimes I jump up and down, but still feel that the water is not clean.

In fact, the residual water in the ears will gradually evaporate due to the body's temperature, and there is no need to deal with it. This can be proved by the temperature of the water flowing out of the ears, pointed out Su Renhe, an otolaryngology practitioner.

If you can’t stand the damp feeling in your ears, Wang Baqun, the attending physician of the Department of Otolaryngology, Cathay Pacific Hospital, suggests that you can take a thin cotton swab or toilet paper and lightly press the opening of the external auditory canal with your index finger to suck out the water. If you often feel the water running deep into your ears after swimming, you can use a thin cotton swab soaked in 30-40% diluted alcohol to gently wipe the external ear canal.#earpick