For starters we recommend 3-5 minutes session on a soft flat surface like a bed or couch for the first week and gradually move to a hard surface for better range of motion and make your way up to 5-7 minutes on second week and 7-15 minutes weeks after as you feel comfortable using it.

Be sure to read and follow all cautions and instructions and consult your physician before using the device .

In general Proneckcare™ should be used for about 10 to 15 minutes each session or multiple sessions per day and 3-4 times per week or even daily if needed. 

For beginners we recommend 3 - 5 minutes sessions twice a day (morning and night) and gradually after a day or two, increase the time you spend on the device until you can complete an entire 15 minute program twice a day without discomfort.

Some people find using the device at night helps them relax and sleep better.  Others find using Proneckcare™ in the morning rejuvenates them for the entire day, increases range of motion and relieves painful stiffness throughout the day. 

You must continue using the device for at least 2 weeks or until your neck and back starts to feel loose and relaxed.

Once you achieved satisfactory results , you may continue using the device less to maintain the results you achieved.

People that work out or play sports find that using Proneckcare™ for just a few minutes before their workout or sport and a few minutes after their workout really helps to relieve painful neck and back stiffness from all the compressible forces endured during their workout.

It is very important  to read and follow all cautions and instructions and consult your physician before using the device.

In general, using Proneckcare will be a relaxing experience involving no pain or discomfort.

However, If you suffer from chronic cervical conditions, Proneckcare may cause discomfort initially.

In this situation, we recommend using Proneckcare on a soft flat surface like a bed or sofa to reduce the device's range of motion. This will decrease the intensity of the dynamic traction, making it easier to handle.

You can try moving to a harder surface to increase the device's range of motion once your neck curvature improved and the discomfort subsided.

You should always start slowly and gradually increase the session time if you suffer from a severe cervical condition.

If you experience severe pain or discomfort, stop using the device immediately.

Yes, the device is designed to fit on any shape or size neck comfortably.

YES, Proneckcare™ All in One Cervical Traction Device is registered by FDA.

Every Proneckcare Cervical Care System unit comes with the incredible 1 year full replacement warranty at no additional cost.

There is no need to register for this standard warranty, just be sure to retain and keep your proof of purchase should you ever require service.

You can choose to buy plugs that are suitable for your country.

Proneckcare is nor rechargeable and must be plugged into power in order to operate.

Batteries do not supply enough power for an effective traction, heat or impulse.

Unlike many advertised static traction pillow or a low-quality neck traction device that claim miraculously solves all your life troubles in an instant with no continuous up and down motion, our device's bidirectional motion technology creates dynamic traction leaving the cervical spine free to stretch, opening the 7-section cervical vertebrae evenly between the motion and restores the cervical vertebra vitality.

It works with four functions, Dynamic neck traction, electric pulse therapy, Heating and auto modulating technology. combined making it the world's first Multi functional traction device for daily neck pain relief.

The product help patients get relieved by offering neck pain solution without any medication. It gently stretches the neck, helps to hydrate discs, increases blood circulation, and is designed to restore the natural curve of the neck.

It comes in a beautiful design pattern that is fully adjustable, comfortable, and very simple to use. With this device at home, there is no more neck pain.

Users also have full control of the device. Each function and frequency combination can be adjusted according to the user's own feelings and preferences.

PRONECKCARE™ has been medically proven therapy that relieve soreness, fatigue, pinched nerve, headaches, neck & upper body stiffness and relaxes muscles. It also improves and correct poor posture.

PRONECKCARE™ works both as a preventive device and for treating neck pain. Which means users only have to make fewer visits to their physiotherapist for manual cervical traction, thereby saving them money. The device is easy to use, cost-effective and can be a great companion for those who frequently have to deal with stress in their lives.

Do not use other medical electronic devices at the same time, such as pacemakers, heart-lung machines or electrocardiographs as this could be dangerous.

If the patient is simultaneously using high frequency surgical equipment or other related equipment, the electrical pulse pads in the device may cause burns or damage the equipment.

Although Proneckcare™ is safe to use, we highly recommend consulting your physician before using this device or any other medical grade equipment, especially if you are pregnant, have
skin sensitivities, heart disease, blood pressure abnormalities, malignant
tumors, cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, etc.

Generally you should avoid cervical traction if you have:

Rheumatoid Arthritis
Post surgery hardware such as screws in your neck
A recent fracture or injury in the neck area
A known tumor in the neck area
A bone infection
Issues or blockages with vertebral or carotid arteries
Cervical instability
Spinal hyper-mobility
Spinal instability
Spinal cord compression
Serious pathology, disease or malignancy
Implanted spinal hardware
Have had spinal surgery
Acute traumatic injury
Extruded disc fragments
Inflammatory disease and/or infections
Spreading and/or aggravation of your symptoms
Do not use it if you are pregnant
Do not use the electric pulse if you have devices such as pacemakers

Specific joint, nerve, disc, vascular and other disorders or weaknesses can be aggravated and worsened. We highly recommend consulting your doctor before using the device if you have any of the above conditions.

We do not sell the extra pads separately on our store but you can purchase a pack of 20 pieces from any online market places such as Amazon for US$10. They called "SNAP-ON TENS PADS"

Yes, you can download the full users manual here.

Pls Contact us: cs@proneckcare.com

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